Hot water is a luxury many of us can’t go without. However, it can also be dangerous if not handled correctly, and there are a number of problems that can occur with a property’s hot water supply. From leaking hot water tanks to scalding tap water, there are some important devices that can guard against the dangers of hot water. 

Common Hot Water Heating Systems Problems

Leaky Hot Water Tank

If you have a leaking hot water tank, this is a problem for an expert water-heating technician. There is, however, something you can do to prevent further damage from leaking water. Shutting down your hot water system until professional help arrives is a safety measure that can protect your home and its inhabitants. 

For gas systems, the gas cock and the water cock must first be shut off. Then you can see where the water is coming from. For an electrical system, shut off the electricity at the switchboard. These steps will ensure that no additional property damage will occur from the contents of your tank spilling into the home while you are waiting for a professional.

Tap Running but no Hot Water

If your tap is running, but there is no hot water coming out. If you have a gas system, check other gas appliances such as your stove and see if the gas supply is present; if it’s not, change the LPG bottle or contact your gas supplier. Next, check the pilot light in the hot water system. If the pilot light is out, your instruction manual can guide you through the process of relighting it. 

For an electrical system, check your circuit breaker. If it has been tripped, a fuse replacement or a circuit reset can help. If your electricity meter shows an increase, your hot water system is likely working again. If your hot water does not return, contact a technician.

Additional Hot Water Problems

If you have a water valve that water is flowing out of, you need to watch its flow. Some water leaking from this spot is normal if it’s occasional, but if the flow is constant or frequent, this is problematic. First, lift the valve’s lever three or four times, and this will clear any clogged debris. If this doesn’t help, call a technician.

A Noisy Hot Water Tank

If you start to hear your tank making new noises, this is a common hot water problem. Most often, this is caused by sediment buildup; in these cases, flushing the tank can solve the issue. A qualified hot water technician is needed for an effective and safe tank-flushing. Contact West End Plumbing for assistance and more info.