When choosing a shower head, there are many things to consider such as the shower head’s efficiency and performance, who the users are, and how the shower head contributes to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. It is important to ensure that the shower head installed is capable of giving every user a unique showering experience.

There are many types of shower heads, but a good shower head is one that caters to the specific needs of the user.

If you like quick showers, the best option to go for would be an efficient shower head in terms of water consumption and price affordability. However, if long, relaxing showers are your thing, you can explore pricier alternative options such as massage showers, waterfall and rain shower heads, multi-head showers, among others.

Types of Shower Heads

Taking into account factors such as height consideration, adjustability, water flow efficiency and comfort during the shower, the types of shower heads can be divided into the following:

hand-held types of shower heads

Handheld Shower heads provide convenience to the user with more control over the direction of the water spray.

1. Adjustable hand-held shower heads

Such shower heads are mounted either on a sliding rail or a cradle in the wall. The biggest advantage of this head is that it provides convenience in terms of adjustability, versatility, and comfort. This is because it provides the user with more control over the direction of the water spray.

It also affords the possibility for height adjustment meaning that it is an appropriate head for households with children or people with disabilities.


• The versatility provided in terms of adjustable heights, the direction of water spray, and mobility for users of different levels.
• There is no extra plumbing required to install it.


• Quite expensive because of the warranty needed for moving parts and selecting a reliable brand.

Over head types of shower heads

Over head showers – the most fashionable and most expensive grouping of shower heads

2. Fixed overhead showers

These include shower heads that are mounted on the ceiling or even a whole ceiling of water jets. It is the most fashionable and most expensive grouping of shower heads and is preferred by individuals who are not afraid to get their hair wet.


• The best way to experience the therapeutic benefits of water.
• This is an excellent solution for bathrooms with low ceilings.
• Because of the limited adjustability, you can easily anticipate the radius of water splash.


• These heads are very expensive, and most are considered as luxury brands.
• There is a limited scope of movement and adjustability.
• Needs additional plumbing improvements and the best option is to install it during renovations or new construction.

Fixed-arm types of Shower heads

Fixed-arm Shower heads – the most common and affordable

3. Fixed-arm shower heads mounted on walls

It is the most common grouping of the types of shower heads, primarily because it is the most affordable. Fixed shower heads are for people who require minimal time in their hygiene routine and do not need to spend a lot of time.


• This grouping is the most affordable and is easily changeable to hand-held models without extra plumbing requirements.
• This provides neat and stylish additions to your bathroom.


• The low prices may be indicative of low-quality levels and hence a shorter lifespan.
• Restricted spray choices and adjustability of height and direction of spray patterns.

It does not matter whether you prefer showering under a heavy stream or under gentle raindrops, there are shower head variants that will suit different needs. The most important things to consider when selecting types of shower heads is the affordability, efficiency, and user versatility.

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