Rheem Hot Water Systems

Finding the perfect hot water system can be a struggle. You wouldn’t want to wake up in the morning only to find that the hot water is not enough for everyone in the house. Imagine taking cold showers early in the morning?

All this can be avoided by trying out the Rheem hot water systems.

1. Rheem stellar 360

Rheem stellar 360 is one of the top ranking water systems in the country. This water system is perfect if you have a large family since it heats up to 200 litres per hour. This will ensure that you have enough warm water to serve your whole family and carry out household chores. The water system is designed in such a way that it blends in with your external home and it does not look out of place.

2. Rheem stellar 330

The difference between the Rheem 330 and Rheem 360 is the height and capacity. This water heater system can heat water up to 200 litres per hour. In addition to this, it has a superior recovery rate and does not take long before it reheats more water. If you love your exterior d├ęcor and hate having an ugly feature in your backyard then this Rheem hot water systems is the right for you. The water heater is not only designed with an increase in performance and efficiency but also built in such a way that it blends in with your external home environment.

3. Rheem stellar 330 stainless steel

If you are looking for a water heating system that will serve you for a lifetime then choose Rheem stellar 330 stainless steel. This hot water system is made with stainless steel which is a strong and durable material. This will ensure that your heating system has the ability to resist corrosion compared to the traditional heating systems. Moreover, this water system has an adjustable mixing valve. This mixing valve allows you to adjust the temperature and the quantity of water delivered.

4. Rheemglas 135l and 170l

Most of the Rheem hot water systems are designed to be fitted outside. However, this hot water system can be fitted indoors and it which ensures that it is not damaged by the weather. The hot water systems come in two sizes the 135l holding capacity and 170l holding capacity. Which ensures that both the small and large families have the water size they want.


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