Weighing the Pros and Cons: LPG Vs Natural Gas BBQ

BBQs provide a great way to entertain friends and gamily and add an additional cooking option to your home. When deciding on a BBQ, there are two types to choose from: LPG or Natural Gas. There are some pros and cons to each type of BBQ.

LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) is bottled or comes in a tank, while natural gas (which is methane and not propane) is not. Natural gas is often supplied by the utility company and will require directing a pipe to have the gas reach your outdoor kitchen and BBQ.

Large barbecue cooker on cedar deck - natural gas BBQ

Large barbecue cooker on cedar deck

The pros and cons of using an LPG vs natural gas BBQ rest heavily in this fundamental difference of delivery. How the gas is delivered – tank (or bottled) versus pipes supplied by utility company will determine the following options:

1. Portability of your BBQ

With an LPG tank, you will be able to move your BBQ around the backyard thanks to the gas fuelling the same being portable. However, should you opt for natural gas, you will need to have pipes directed to an outdoor kitchen where your BBQ is housed. Of course, this will significantly limit the mobility of your BBQ – making it impossible to move. Still, depending on the design of your backyard, the lack of portability may not be an issue at all. In other words, you may be perfectly comfortable with having your kitchen and BBQ stored in a particular part of the backyard. You will need a gas fitter to install a fixed natural gas BBQ.

2. Flexibility regarding the nature of your gatherings

Chances are, using natural gas BBQ will significantly limit your ability to gather around the BBQ and perhaps make your BBQ the centre of your backyard cookout. However, if this sort of option pertaining to gatherings or atmosphere is not very significant for you, then using an LPG tank may just be the answer. Perhaps, you like to have the BBQ tucked away in a special part of the yard and leave it there while centreing the focus of the gathering around other activities.

family outdoor barbecue picnic - natural gas BBQ

family outdoor barbecue picnic

3. Safety

Where the safety of your BBQ is concerned, the natural gas option may be better than the LPG option. This is as all things gas and fire related (that is, your kitchen and BBQ) will be immovable, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents. This is especially important if you have young children. It will perhaps be a lot easier to keep them away from the secure kitchen/BBQ option than having a movable LPG option with a mobile BBQ that can get in the way as children play and make their way around the yard.

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