Every home needs a reliable hot water supply for the shower, dishwasher, washing machine and hot water taps. There are five different types of hot water systems that property owners can install. These are; electric storage, gas storage, solar water heaters, heat pump systems and instant water heaters. Each of these options has different pros and cons that consumers should know about before making a decision. 

Factors Affecting Hot Water System Replacement

If you are tired of spending a lot of money on hot water unit repairs, you should consider replacing your hot water heating system to save money. Below are some of the key factors affecting the cost of replacing a hot water system in Perth:

1. Type of Heating System

Obviously, if you are planning to replace an instant hot water heater, the cost will be much lower than replacing an electric or gas storage heating system. The cost will even be much higher if you want to replace a solar water heater. That said, the type of heater you want to install is the main factor affecting the cost of replacing your old heater. 

2. Size or Capacity

Heating systems come in different sizes and heating capacities. For instance, there are some heaters that can heat dozens of gallons of water within a short period of time. In case of a solar water heater, gas storage or electric storage, the size of the tank and heating capacity of the unit will affect the cost of installation. 

3. Installer

There are many plumbers in the city of Perth who can install hot water heating systems effectively. However, they are not all equal. Their experience in the industry, overhead costs and fees they charge differ greatly. When looking for a suitable installer, therefore, you will need to pay attention to the rates charged by different installers. 

Simply contact the top-rated installers in the city of Perth like West End Plumbing and ask them for a quote. Firms that quote competitive rates should get special consideration. That said, the firm you hire to install the new hot water heating system will affect the cost of replacing an obsolete unit. 

4. Access to Site

When installing a hot water heater on a multi-story building, a crane may be needed to lift the unit. The same applies when you have a high-pitch roof. Obviously, hiring a crane to lift the unit will cost you some extra cash, thereby affecting the cost of installation.