Gas Appliance Installation

When you need to install gas appliances in your home, turn to WestEnd Plumbing WA. We are licensed plumbers and gas fitters who offer a professional gas fitting service at a competitive rate. Get a free quote today.

Our Gas Appliance Installation Services Are:





Perth Laws Regarding Gas Appliance Installation

Perth laws govern gas appliance installation. The laws state that it is the responsibility of gas fitters to ensure compliance with legislation. The work must be carried out based on the requirements of the Gas Regulations 1999. Upon completion, the installation or appliance must be tested and commissioned. However, this depends on gas availability.

Additionally, a notice of completion must be filled out by the gas fitter. For fixed installations, the notice must be submitted to the gas supplier. For mobile installations, submission must be made to EnergySafety.

The customer should also be given a copy of the completion notice. In addition, it is required that a badge or label be affixed to the installation by the gas fitter. Its purpose is to provide details of the work done.

If the consumer is concerned about the standard of work, the relevant authority EnergySafety or gas supplier) should be contacted. The authority could conduct a compliance inspection on the installation.

By law, a notice of completion is required before a gas supplier can provide gas to an installation. However, the Director of Energy Safety may issue exemptions. It is important to note that all gas appliance installations should be performed by a qualified gas fitter.

Purchasing Gas Appliances

Purchasing a gas oven or gas stove can be quite an overwhelming task. There are a number of different makes and models available, with each one claiming to be the best. Therefore, the aim should be to make the installation process easy. The best way of doing that is by hiring the services of a professional and established gas fitting company.


BBQs that connect directly to the gas mains require professional installation.

WestEnd Plumbing WA will send their friendly gas plumbing experts to your home or place of business to do the installation. It will be skillfully attached to the gas mains and commissioned. Regardless of the make or model, it will be efficiently installed and in perfect working condition.

Our professional team is experienced and fully capable of fitting new gas hotplates and other accessories. Whether or not it is a holiday, emergency situation or any given day; regardless of the time of day, these experts will be available to get the job done.

Gas Appliance Servicing & Repairs

As well as Gas appliance installation, WestEnd Plumbing WA may also be able to assist with the servicing and repairs of the equipment. This is particularly the case if the appliance has leaky or faulty connection points. Depending on the make and model, our Gas fitters may be able to repair or replace the damaged parts so that your appliance if functioning as it was designed to.

Outdoor BBQ Installation

Outdoor Bbqs that require a connection to gas mains will need to be installed by a licensed gas fitter. WestEnd Pluming WA can ensure your outdoor BBQ installation is fully compliant to Australian standards and safe for your family to enjoy.

Oven Installation

If you have a new oven or stove top WestEnd Plumbing WA can assist with the plumbing connection and installation of the appliance.

Hot Water System

We can supply and install a range of hot water systems for your Perth home. We can also provide a fast and effective hot water system repair service if your hot water system is in need of repair.

Gas Heater Installation

Certain gas heaters may require a professional gas fitter to connect it to the gas line. We can ensure your Gas heater installation is compliant to relevant standards. Incorrectly installed gas heaters could pose a fire safety hazard for your home.