How to choose for an energy efficient hot water systems?

If you are purchasing a new water heating system, there are several options available. You may be surprised to learn that a large portion of your electric or gas systems makes up a large percentage of your monthly utility costs. In reality, close to 30 percent of your utilities can account for heating water alone. This is why it’s crucial to choose from the many energy efficient hot water systems available.

Gas Energy Efficient Systems

If you have a gas line available in your home, there are several options for hot water systems that are energy efficient. Considering gas is naturally less expensive than electricity, this will help cut down on your monthly expenses even more.

The key to saving money with an energy efficient system is choosing the right size for your home. Essentially, if there are only two people in your home, you would want a smaller system than a household with four or more people.

The downside of a gas unit is you must have a gas line to connect the system.

Modern kitchen with gas heating system and gas appliances

Modern kitchen with gas appliances

Electric Energy Efficient Systems

An electric storage energy efficient hot water system uses your electricity to heat the water. It keeps the water in the storage hot at all times so it is available when you need it. Electric units have become more popular in recent years as some homes are completely electrical. As with gas systems, choosing the right size storage unit is key to saving money.

Continuous Hot Water Flow Systems

A newer option for hot water is the continuous flow systems. These units are most popular with a gas line, but the electric version is growing in popularity. Rather than a storage unit continually keeping several litres of water heated at all times, the unit uses a heat exchange so that when the faucet is turned on, you use only the hot water needed. The unit literally offers hot water on demand.

The downside to these systems is the initial cost of purchasing and having it installed correctly is more expensive.

Heat Pump Systems

A heat pump water heating system is another option that is quite efficient. The units have a compressor along with a tank, and works much like your air conditioning unit. The downside to heat pumps is the systems must be placed outdoors because they require more ventilation than other systems.

solar hot water system on the red roof

solar water heating system

Solar Powered Hot Water

Heating the water with solar panels is the cheapest way to save money on the hot water your family uses. Obviously, you have to have the solar panels installed in order to have a long supply of hot water.

There are solar systems that will use the available solar energy and switch over to gas or electricity if needed. As with the continuous water heating system, the units are more expensive initially, but in the end, do save money.

There are several options for energy efficient hot water systems. If you need to replace your current unit, purchasing a unit that saves money on your utilities in the long run is worth the initial investment.

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