What Factors Affect The Cost Of An Electric Hot Water Systems?

All homes and businesses need a supply of hot water. Unfortunately, it can be confusing when it comes to choosing the right hot water system for your needs. There are plenty of hot water systems on the market and each has its own features and options.

Storage Systems
Electric hot water heaters use a heating element located inside the unit. It is insulated and it will keep the water in the tank ready for use throughout the day. The most common type of storage is mains pressure systems. These systems provide hot water at the same flow rate and pressure as cold water.

This would allow you to use the hot water in more than one tap in the home without losing any of the pressure. Because all storage systems will lose some heat through the tank’s walls, the system will consume energy even if you aren’t using the hot water. Because of this, you should purchase an energy efficient water heater that is well insulated and has a high star rating.

Factors to Consider before Investing in Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric Hot Water Systems

#1 Electric Hot Water Systems Prices

There are two main types of electric water systems. They are storage and instant. The smallest is 25 L and the largest can be over 400 L. The smaller sizes cost around $450. The larger models often contain two heating elements to heat the water faster. This can end up costing you around $1,800.

Instant water heaters do not contain a tank. These tanks use high amounts of power to heat the water when it is needed. These water heaters are becoming increasingly popular due to fact that you get a limitless amount of hot water. There are also some models that can save energy. If you don’t use much hot water, you can save a great deal of money. The cost of one of these systems is usually between $660 and $1,300.

#2 The Delivery Cost

Another factor in the cost of the water heater is the delivery charge. The charge will often depend on the size of the unit and the distance that it would be carried. There are some water heaters that weight around 15 kg and can be easily carried by one person. There are larger units that weight 150 kg, and it would take two strong, more experienced people to make the delivery.

#3 Installation Costs

The third factor that would affect the final cost of a water heater is the cost to have it installed. These costs can vary depending on how complex the job is.

  • If you are planning to replace your water heater with the same type and you are going to be putting it in the same place, the installation cost would be low. The average cost for this type of job would be from $220 to $660.
  • If your new unit will require additional valves or if the plumbing or electrical systems need to be upgraded, the cost will be more expensive. In 2012, a new law was implemented that required tempering valves to be properly fitted on each hot water system. These anti-scald devices will keep the water temperature regulated to 50 degrees. If these valves are not fitted, it can void out the manufacturer warranty. The cost to have these valves fitted is between $190 and $250.
  • If you are planning to relocate your water heater to a new location in the home, the cost of installation could be anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000.
  • If you are planning to install a bigger unit, there would be an added charge for the additional electrical work and plumbing work that would be required
Electric Hot Water Systems

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#4 Site Accessories

The fourth cost factor would depend on how easily the unit can get into the home. If the home has steep, narrow stairs, high roofs, or any other obstacles the job would require extra equipment and labor. In some cases, a crane would be needed to bring large tanks into the home. If you go with a wall-mounted system, it can result in extra work, which wold cause the price of the installation to increase.

#5 Disposal

The final factor of the cost of the new water heater would be the charge to dispose of the old one. To use the environmentally responsible method of disposing of your old water heater would add about $60 to the cost of the new water heater installation.

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