Ceramic Taps Vs Traditional Taps

Many homeowners still like to have a separate spout for both their cold and hot water, despite the increasing popularity of mixer taps in the bathroom or kitchen. The question of ceramic taps vs traditional taps will arise if you have these separate tap styles installed in your home, or are thinking of doing so.

Ceramic Disc Taps

You may be old enough to remember when dripping water from your taps was prevented by the use of small rubber washers. However, despite its simplicity, it’s inevitable that you will have to put up with that irritating sound of dripping at some point, once the washer starts to wear away.

Ceramic disc technology uses a simple quarter turn motion to turn the tap off and many homeowners have realized it’s the solution to those annoying dripping or stuck taps. And unlike those old rubber washers, ceramic discs really should last you forever and won’t need replacing.

If you use ceramic discs, they will come with one or two small holes, depending on whether you have a pillar type tap or a tap with two handles. The water flows freely once the two discs are lined up with each other, and stops flowing when they are out of alignment; one disc moves along with the tap handle while the other remains fixed.

How to Change Tap Washer

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Ceramic disc spindles have several advantages over the more traditional rubber washers:

  • You don’t have to constantly replace washers that have worn out, as the ceramic spindles are stronger and will last longer.
  • A steady flow of water will come out of your spout with just a simple quarter turn of the handle, making it a lot easier to turn the tap on and off.
  • Because there is no need to constantly turn the tap, it means overall less wear and tear on your taps.

There are some disadvantages:

  • Tap washers cost less than ceramic disc spindles.
  • Although many plumbers will carry a supply of ceramic disc spindles, they aren’t usually kept on site, meaning that you may have to wait for some new ones, wasting water in the meantime.
  • You may experience water splashing all over the place because of the unpredictable intensity of the water. To ensure a less intense water flow with ceramic discs, use a disc with a half or three quarter turn.
  • Some ceramic discs may need to be replaced more often than you like, despite the fact that in general they will last a long time. Sediment in your water line or hard water can reduce their lifespan.

The bottom line is that you will almost certainly need to replace your rubber tap washers more often than ceramic discs, although they are easier to store and cost less. If longevity is your main focus, then ceramic discs are probably your best option.

You will need to have your water isolated if you plan to change over from washers to ceramic discs, and unless you know what you are doing, calling a good plumber is recommended.