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West End Plumbing WA provides quality plumbing solutions to their extensive customer base across the Perth Metro area, completed by their team of friendly, licensed and extensively trained tradesmen. Established in 2015, the company is headed up by co-owners and friends Jeremy McGovern and Darcy Reader. Together they have built a Perth plumbing business with strong values of professionalism, honesty, quality workmanship and reliability. While Jeremy works on promoting the company as an AFL player, Darcy is on the ground in the day to day running of the business as a fully qualified plumber. Scroll down to meet the West End Plumbing WA team.

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Providing quality Plumbing Solutions for Perth Homes and Businesses

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By providing a professional plumbing service at an affordable rate, we hope to build strong working relationships with Perth home owners and business owners. This helps us achieve our goal of building strong working relationships right across Perth. Talk to us today for a free quote to help provide a plumbing solution for your Perth home or business.

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We understand that Perth residents and business owners want a quality, affordable and friendly plumbing service and that’s what we seek to provide. Whatever plumbing service you need, – whether it’s a blocked drain, broken hot water system or water leak, we understand that you want it fixed as soon as possible. We aim to provide fast turn around times and quality solutions so your inconvenience is minimised.

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Transcript from Eagle Vision Episode
I started this home business obviously with my best mate, Darcy. He’s the one who’s got his ticket and his contractors. So I thought, “I’ll go in partnership with him, and – keep me busy off field, and something I sort of– I love. I love the trade sort of building side of things.” So yeah, I started up for him, to get him off the tools and making some good money for himself hopefully.

So it keeps me busy outside of footy. Takes my mind off it. I obviously enjoy the trades and building sort of side of things, and being a bit hands on. So I’m always trying to tell Darcy what to do, so I actually enjoy that a fair bit as well.

It looks good, sitting on there well.

Any danger of you lifting a finger around here mate, or what?

Yeah mate.

I’ll show you how it’s done. Watch this.

He’s a bit of a pain in the neck really. Carries on a bit. Always wanting to sit down and have a few breaks and that. So, I just give him 2 breaks a day when he comes out, and try to keep him away from the lunch bars really.

That’s how we do it.

Double check everything you do.

He likes to think he gets out on the shovel, but he’s never really been interested. So ever since we bought the excavator, he’s picked up a bit of interest and tries to come out to site and learn how to drive it himself. But he’s not very good yet. So a bit of practice to do.

Far out mate. Might need a hand?

Thank God he’s not doing all the plumbing. Gov, I think Gov just goes in there when the house gets done. He sits on the couch, watches TV whilst all his other mates do the plumbing work.

I’m behind the scenes doing everything else and tidying it all up. We go meet up with clients. Keep the relationship strong with them, and obviously builders and a lot of other people get a lot of work off. So that’s probably my main role.

Try that on.

The clothing line’s a big hit around the club at the moment. Boys are loving the attire that we’ve got. I’ve only made a couple of personal ones for myself and Darcy, but they seem to go missing pretty frequently. So the boys are always sneaking in, trying to get hold of them. So yeah, we might have to create a clothing I think at some stage.

It’s not bad, yeah. Not bad. I think it’s better than some of (1:59?) usually. So it’s (2:01?)–

He’s getting everyone to wear hats, but making people pay for them. So he doesn’t realise that if you advertise a company, you should be given something. He expects you to still pay for it.

No the boys hit us up and look after us, so we like to think that we look after them as well.

I’ve got some leaks in the pipes and the gutters and stuff like that, so looking forward to Westend getting out there and fixing the problems.

Yeah, I’m actually about to start building, so I think I might get the boys – I’ve seen a few of the outdoor showers, they look pretty good. So I might get Westend boys to come and do that.

Just – mate – I’ve just been running through these as well, these invoices since you haven’t cleared them off. Yeah. Got big 6 month, we’re overdue. Who’s that? Pat McGinnity. Who? Pat McGinnity owes money. How much does he owe?

Enough, enough what we’re going to have to head around there. After 6 months, you know the deal with the 6 months. So–

We might have to go around and see him. Priority number 1 mate. We’ll head over there and grab our money back. Let’s go get it done. Let’s go.

So we had a bit of fun today, but on a more serious note, Westend Plumbing WA, we offer a wide range of services from your small leaking taps to gas work, a bit of maintenance work. And as high as your commercial and new homes. If anyone’s got any enquiries, give us a call. Don’t hesitate, Darcy would love to help you out, and I’d love to help you out. And yeah, so give us a bell. But on a lighter note we are – we definitely got our money out of Pat McGinnity.

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